Now in its third year, Innovation and the City convenes practitioners, policy makers, and scholars from across the country to discuss the innovation economy and urban economic development. Below are selected videos (and one mash-up) from the first two conferences.

 Keynote Speakers

Q&A with Edward Glaeser

Edward Glaeser
Fred and Eleanor Glimp Professor of Economics
Director, Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, Harvard
Author of Triumph of the City

Lessons from Eight Years Governing an Innovation Economy

Deval L. Patrick, Former Governor of Massachusetts

Can Innovation Save Detroit?

Dave Egner, New Economy Initiative

The Metropolitan Revolution and the Rise of Innovation Districts

Bruce Katz, Brookings Institution

The Rise of Innovation Districts

Innovation Systems and Urban Economies

Making Cities Matter (More)

Building an Innovation Economy in America’s Legacy Cities

Innovation and Inequality

Bringing Innovation and Opportunity to All Boston Neighborhoods

Financing Innovation: Building Angel Networks

Beyond Startups: Engaging Large Organizations

Innovation and the City Graphic Notes